🌎 MR’s 10th Year Celebration 💥🏍💨📲

The 2024 Midlands Riders Tops Are Special Being Our 10th Year Anniversary! Not Only Have We Refreshed Them but We Will Also Continue With The 6 Front Panel Versions!

NEW: Coming January 2024 “Bring Back The Old School “ Will Be LIVE! –  All The Previous Years Tops Will Be Available To Order!

For The New 2024 10th Anniversary Top We Have Gone All Out & Teamed Up With Multiple Sponsors:  Dacro Automotive, Complete Bike Training, BikeSure Insurance, Dunlop Tyres, Jordans Bikes, LDC & Falcon Motorcycles, Eggz Earplugs & Addison Tyres ❤️📸📲🏍💨 

2024 Tops:

Front Panel Versions: 

1. Version 1; Small Circle Chest Logo (est)

2. Version 2; Big Circle Logo (est)

3. Version 3; Normal MR Chest Logo

4.-Version 4; Big MR logo NEW

5.-Version 5; Big Circle Logo (bikelife)

6.-Version 6; Small Circle Chest but with your name in the logo instead of EST / Bikelife


We had a TON of members over the years wanting Hi Vis Print ( Grey To 💥 ) – This Option Is Here To Stay!

HOOD PRINTS – We will be keeping “ Hood Prints “  > this is a 3 option list on the website being : no print, Midlands Riders text print ( in the font shown ) or you can have your name on there ( in the same font ) 🏍💨❤️

Options: We have also added the option in for riders to keep or remove the sponsor arms on long sleeve clothing range – some riders wanted blank arms and some riders that were businesses owners wanted their own business and/or their Name on the arm just add this to the order notes when purchasing or send us a message 🖤🏍💨

NO DATES – The 2024 tops will be dateless ( usually the v2,v3 would have 24 in the logo ) – if you do want the date in “ 24 “ just add this to your notes in caps “ 24 DATE IN  ) – these don’t come in v1, v5 or the new v6 

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Instead of waiting until The New Year: We Will Continue To Offer “ Colour Hoodies even in Pre Order “ These are available on the pull over & zip up & not the jacket. You can even edit your T shirt’s to remove the back logo & just keep a front panel 😎 There Are Children’s Options, round neck or v neck options & different styles for men & women. Also womens cut clothing All Thanks To Milos Printing Ltd 


These Tops Are Also Used For Sponsors To Confirm Discount On Products & Services: Valid Tops are 2023 & 2024 For The List Of Sponsors See:

See the website link below for the 2024 Midlands Riders Tops available: www.midlandsriders.com/shop 

We Will also continue with The iron on names: On the Website Please See “ YOUR NAME “ Listing: Which Is For Anyone That Wants Their Name On A Top; That Option Is Also Online As A “Iron On Version” & They Will Sent With Your Top. 

** PRE ORDERS ** = if you write your name in the Order notes & you will get your iron on name FOR FREE with ALL PRE ORDERS. 

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See: https://www.midlandsriders.com/Shop

Sizing; The Most Common Question, Which size To Order. Put a jumper or hoody on over the top of your jacket / suit at home, if the top fits: order that size if it doesnt go 1 size up. Any questions you can use MR’s whatsapp chat: +44330 133 1831


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No one HAS’ to have a hoody, Jacket or T shirt. Every member can come to ANY ride or Event without a top, it is NOT a must & these are all freedom of Choice. Only down side you can not gain discount with sponsors without a hoody. All items are “made to order” via a outside company & not by Midlands Riders: please see the website for full information & private policy: https://www.midlandsriders.com/about/private-policy/

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