2021 Biking Ride Outs & Events Have Been Adjusted! – We Need To Have Something Positive To Look Forward!

2021 Motorcycle Ride Outs & Events Available On Our Free “Midlands Riders” App  – Also Links Below To Facebook Events, You Can Find These Links On On Website To : www.midlandsriders.com

• National Meeting Points So You Can Join In Right From The Start
• All Ride Outs Are Fully Marshalled
• 125 Friendly Ride Outs
• Quad Friendly Rides• New Rider Friendly
• Planned Fuel / Food Stops
• Prom & Weddings Runs
• The UK’s Diverse Motorcycle Group From 17 years to 65+  Any Bike, Any Age, Any Gender!
( Riders Do Bring Their Kids Along, This is a Family Oriented Group )

• Recovery Available If Needed
• No Member Fees – No Sign Ups
• All Welcome
– All You Need To Do It Turn Up With Your Bike Fuelled Up

( Download our FREE : Ride Out & Events APP   search “ Midlands Riders “ on Apple & Google Play Store )
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Click each link, Tick going then share / invite your friends.
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: Sunday 18th July 2021
Waters Ride Out

: Sunday 1st August 2021
Beach Ride Out

: Thursday 12th August 2021
Wedding Convoy

: Sunday 15th August 2021
Peaks Ride Out

: Sunday 29th August 2021
Wales Ride Out

: Sunday 12th September 2021
Big Mile Ride Out

: Sunday 26th September 2021
Cafe Ride Out

: Sunday 10th October 2021
Matlock Ride

: Sunday 24th October 2021
Cafe Ride Out

: Sunday 7th November 2021

: Sunday 21st November 2021

: Saturday 18th December 2021
Midlands Riders 3rd Annual Charity Xmas Ride 


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