Midlands Riders First Game! 

Yes thats right a game, that anyone can download to their phones FOR FREE!

” Moto Ryder ” The game consists of a motorcycle rider (You) riding on a never ending road full of objects and vehicles to dodge! Collect stars along the way and the more distance you go the more points you earn. If you crash enter your name to our nationwide Leaderboard – Who can get to the top of it and stay there ?…. If you make the top 20 of the leaderboard screen shot it and post it up in the group / online 😀

The Game App is designed for any age! so its not just for the big kids but the little ones too 🙂

Keep your game updated because over the next couple of months updates will be given so riders can upgrade their bikes and other cool features! …. MR

Moto Ryder – Head To Youtube

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Available NOW on Apple & Google Playstore 

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