12-Way Power Adjustable Heated Front Seats,
19in Alloy Wheels – Aero,
2 Zone Climate Control,
3×3 Point Rear Seat Belts,
Adaptive Cruise Control,
Adaptive Steering,
Air Conditioning,
Airbags – Side,
Audio Remote Control,
Audio System with 8 Speakers and Limited Immersive Sound,
Auto Dimming – Power Folding – Heated Side Mirrors,
Automated High-Beam Assist,
Automatic Emergency Braking,
Autopilot Function,
Blind Spot Information,
Bluetooth Connection,
Body Coloured Bumpers,
Collision Avoidance,
Custom Driver Profiles,
DVD, Digital Radio,
Electric Hinged Side Doors – Front, Electric Hinged Side Doors – Rear, Electrically Adjustable Drivers Seat, Electrically Adjustable Passenger Seat,
Electrically Adjustable Steering Column – Tilt-Telescopic,
Fixed Panoramic Glass Roof,
Front Cross Traffic Camera,
Front Fog Lights,
Front Head Restraints,
Front Parking Sensor,
Internet Connection,
Keyless Go,
LED Foglights,
LED Headlights,
Lane Departure Warning,
Map and Reading Lights,
Media Storage, Mobile Phone App Interface, Navigation System, OEM Sound System,
Park Assist Camera,
Premium Seat Material and Trim,
Radio – AM-FM – Internet Streaming,
Rear Cross Traffic Camera, Rear Headrests, Rear Parking Sensor,
Reverse Parking Aid,
Seats – Heated Front,
Software Updates over WIFI,
Steer-By-Wire Technology,
Tinted Glass Roof with Ultraviolet and Infrared Protection,
Traction Control,
Traffic Sign Recognition,
Type 2 Public Charging Connector,
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System,
USB-iPod Interface, Upgraded Audio – Immersive Sound

– – – 

If you haven’t driven a Tesla before you may want an overview on the cars features:

•You can charge this at ANY electric station All Over The World! 

•2 driver modes ( standard and chill mode )

•Sentry Mode = 360 Degree Camera’s including inside the car CCTV security & alarm which records & saves any motion or issue for you to watch back on. 

•Whilst Charging Watch Youtube, Disney+, Netflix & More From Your Seat! 

•In Winter A 220+ Range Is Huge Miles On a Single Charge! With A Night Plan You Can Fully Charge This At Home For Under £6! 

 Tell me a car that can do over 200 miles for £6? Tesla Superchargers Which will charge your car from 10% to 80/100% in less than 25 minutes and will cost around £16 

Again show me a car than can do 220+ miles at £16? 

•Auto Pilot – The Car Will Drive For You! Including Steer For You along your journey. 

If You Come to traffic jam on a motorway ? Select auto pilot and This will also move you along that bumper to bumper traffic without you actually driving! Creeps up at safe distances and maintains you in the queue. 

•The USS’ Allows you to see in inches how close you are pulling up too or past a point, select camera mode and also see blind spots and rear cams all at once a Fantastic option when in tight spots / parking.

•Using Your Phone’s App It Acts As Your Key, Allowing You To Control, Open, Lock, Turn The Heating/AC On, Crack Windows, When To Charge, Add Temp Drivers, Limit Your Cars Functions Should A Valeter or Family Member Use it & So Much More from Your APP! This is a super computer on wheels! 

•Receive a regular updates from Tesla for features! 

•Fully Track Your Car, see around and inside your car from anywhere in the world! 

•The Sat Nav Plans Your Journeys Including Charging 

•Snow Mode Gives You More Traction Should You Find Yourself In Slippery Situations!

•DOG MODE! Monitor The Inside Of Your Car, The Temperature + change it & Check Your beloved Is Ok all from your phone!

•CAMP MODE feature lets your car hold battery charge whilst out for long periods of time

•Car Light shows – does any other car do a light show to music? 

•Full Driver Profiles For You & Your Spouse Giving You Walk In Access via Your Phone & The car will then switch all your settings such as steering wheel, seats, mirrors and cars menus! 

•A Bonus Is No Annual Services Like Your Mechanical Car! If & When Your Car Senses A Problem It Will Tell You & You Can Then Book This On Your App! Alternatively You Can Run Diagnostics To Check & Most Of The Time Tesla Send You An Update Without Leaving Your Home! 

We Have Had No Driving Issues & No Tesla Appointments Needed. 

  • I Could list more and more but id rather you come over and view and i can go through the bundles of features to this amazing car! Honestly Once You Have One You Wont Have Any Other Vehicle! Such A Fun & Enjoyable Car!

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