In April 7th 2015 we had the worse news that a MR ™ rider lost his life, this had to be the worst shock ever to have something happen to someone you was just with; Tommo attended a ride out with us 1 day prior, Tommo was one of the first riders to get the 2015 MR top, Devastated and saddened we all attended the funeral and gave him a send off he deserved; biker style.

Not long after we held a remembrance ride in memory of him where we raised money
For Tommos wife and kids the total was £1250, As we Headed into 2016 we have been over to pay our respects regularly and we held another remembrance where we raised £500+ and over 200 riders came and with Tommos family wises we gave the money to Midlands Air Ambulance.

Not a day goes by where Tommo isn’t thought about — like his family we miss him a lot. bike life isnt just about riding its about the memories shared with others, MR Bike Life.

Its Never A Goodbye,  R.I.P Tommo x

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