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We started this page at the start of 2015 so others could chat, banter and see the ride outs, because on the original ‘Midlands Riders’ group page you can’t see people posting. Feel free to chat, banter, ask tech advice etc. —

We’re trying to bring riders closer together 🙂

Or maybe new riders looking to join in on rides and feel welcome 🙂

More about us on our website www.midlandsriders.com/about

This is a Facebook group page; we are not a club.

We are bunch of guys & girl that LOVE 2 wheels (or 3 or 4 in some cases). We want to ride with people that want to have a laugh; a family if you like; where biking connects us, visit new roads / places & even make new friends!

We don’t care how old you are or what you ride, Male, Female. Some riders come Solo, others with friends & family and some come with their Children. it’s all about riding out together 🏍💨

if you want to  go on a ride out with members near you then just post up where, when and where your going, members all over the UK join in and send photos into the group.
If your an event organizer and would like to advertise a Official event on the Midlands Riders APP then please contact us on the whatsapps chat service : 0330 133 1831 or via the contact us on the website.

We have planned fortnightly rides, events and meets so there is something for everyone & many rides all over the UK. Some members come every week, some come once a month and others pick 1 or 2 a year ( like our yearly first ride out of the year ride or the annual xmas toy run ).

We have sponsors all over the UK that could save you all money, from Servicing to Repair, Training, Insurance, Tyres, Performance Even Legal see: www.midlandsriders.com/sponsors

ANY photos posted in the Midlands Riders (Official) Group i.e  Taken On A Ride Out : you agree that they are royalty free and Midlands Riders and it’s members are free to repost them and use the images online. If you do not wish for this happen then please do not post images online **”

—– FOR FULL “ABOUT US” DETAILS PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE —- www.midlandsriders.com/about

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If you have an open mind & enjoy riding with other like minded riders then you will love the ride outs throughout the year! Our Moto : “Together . Biking . Has . Meaning”

Any unsavory posts will be removed and you maybe too!

Sometimes your posts maybe declined and for many reasons, most commonly is duplicate posts, thousands of members online a Ton of posts! Others situations are a post may breech our group rules ( you can see them on the website , remember its a family group bad language / adult scenes will be filtered. Any posts that are classed as offensive towards religion, sex, race, discrimination against another person, aggressive or threatening behavior, pornographic videos/images etc will be removed.

**** Please note: this group is not to be used for job hunting or dating.



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If you have a business please contact admin before posting, we have sponsors that offer MR members discount. Maybe you could join them — for more see: www.midlandsriders.com/sponsors
You can contact us on the whatsapps chat service : 0330 133 1831 or via the contact us on the website

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MR PLACES – see where members are or have been all over the WORLD : www.midlandsriders.com/mr-places

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If you would like a Midlands Riders Top to wear at home or on your bike ANYONE can purchase one from our website shop go to www.midlandsriders.com/shop

Everything is made to order, Midlands Riders does not keep any items in stock and as such there is a short lead time from ordering to delivery. Orders are on a made to order basis via an outsie company.
Sales Of Good Act:  Please Note: That All Items Ordered Are Personalised Goods Because Of The Custom Printing & All Are On A Made To Order Basis. Because Items Are Personalised, We Are Not’ Able To Accept A Return Of Goods. The Right To Therefore Return Goods Or Cancel The Contract Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 Does Not Apply.

Please note, the shop uses PayPal for card payments but you don’t need a PayPal account to do this there is an option to pay with your card via PayPal without an account 🙂

Tops are used for member discount with sponsors and are optional.


If anyone ever sees a post and thinks it shouldn’t be online, click report to us or message any moderators and admin to view 🏍💨🙏🏻💯

This is a family group; we have rider’s children viewing photos and videos in here. Please keep it clean and respectful 💯 #MR


Thank you for all taking the time out for reading.


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