⭐️⭐️2022 MIDLANDS RIDERS TOPS⭐️⭐️ – 

🌎 MR’s 8th Year Celebration 💥🏍💨📲

The 2022 Midlands Riders Tops 👀🏍💨📸 Each Year Previously We Have Sat Down With Our Supplier To Look At The Design. For 2022 We Will Have Increased The Options For Members Making it More Custom For YOU! Giving You Another new Front Panel Versions, Offering “ 6 “ In Total! 

For The New 2022 Tops We Have Teamed Up With Multiple Sponsors on The One Arm – All Vehicle Valeting, Complete Bike Training, Throneycroft Solicitors, ARH Custom & Addison Tyres. For The Other Arm we have teamed up with “ Avon Tyres

“ : British Made Tyres Are Not Only A Great Tyre but Offer Fantastic Value for Money  & are building a Great name within the biking community!! ❤️📸📲🏍💨 

Front Panel Versions: 

1. Version 1; Small Circle Chest Logo (est)

2. Version 2; Big Circle Logo (est)

3. Version 3; Normal MR Chest Logo

4.-Version 4; Big MR logo NEW

5.-Version 5; Big Circle Logo (bikelife)

***** NEW FOR PRE ORDER ***** >>

6.-Version 6; Small Circle Chest but with your name in the logo instead of EST / Bikelife


We had a TON of members this year wanting Hi Vis Print ( Grey To 💥 ) – unfortunately supplier couldn’t get the print which is actually from Germany! 

HOOD PRINTS – We will be keeping “ Hood Prints “  > this is a 3 option list on the website being : no print, Midlands Riders text print ( in the font shown ) or you can have your name on there ( in the same font ) 🏍💨❤️

We have also added the option in for riders to keep or remove the sponsor arms on long sleeve clothing range – some riders wanted blank arms and some riders that were businesses owners wanted their own business and/or their Name on the arm which you can just send us a message or email to talk about 🏍💨

NO DATES – The 2021 tops will be dateless ( usually the v2,v3 will have 21 in the logo ) – if you do want the date in “ 21 “ just add this to your notes in caps “ 21 DATE IN  ) – these don’t come in v1 or v5. 

(See photos)

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Instead of waiting until The New Year: We Will Continue To Offer “ Colour Hoodies  even in Pre Order “ These are available on the pull over & zip up & not the jacket. You can even edit your T shirt’s to remove the back logo & just keep a front panel 😎 There Are Children’s Options, round neck or v neck options & different styles for men & women. Also womens cut clothing All Thanks To @ Milo’s Printing


These Tops Are Also Used For Sponsors To Confirm Discount On Products & Services: Valid Tops are 2021 & 2022 For The List Of Sponsors See: www.midlandsriders.com/sponsors 

See the website link below for the 2020 Midlands Riders Tops available: Www.midlandsriders.com/shop 

We Will also continue with The iron on names: On the Website Please See “ YOUR NAME “ Listing: Which Is For Anyone That Wants Their Name On A Top; That Option Is Also Online As A “Iron On Version” & They Will Sent With Your Top. 

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See: www.midlandsriders.com/Shop

Sizing; The Most Common Question, Which size To Order. Put a jumper or hoody on over the top of your jacket / suit at home, if the top fits: order that size if it doesnt go 1 size up. Any questions you can use MR’s whatsapp chat: +44330 133 1831


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No one HAS’ to have a hoody, Jacket or T shirt. Every member can come to ANY ride or Event without a top, it is NOT a must & these are all freedom of Choice. Only down side you can not gain discount with sponsors without a hoody. All items are “made to order” via a outside company & not by Midlands Riders: please see the website for full information & private policy: https://www.midlandsriders.com/about/private-policy/

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