February 2020 Newsletter

A big, warm welcome from team MR to the first edition of our monthly blog, bringing you the latest news, events and updates each month, throughout the riding season.

From humble origins

Midlands Riders was formed from the original and official group Lostboys which was created back in 2002 and hosted hundreds of charity rides and events for over 10 years. On the tail of that success & Because The Owner Is a Family member : Midlands Riders started their engines back in 2014 and opened officially in 2015, offering ride outs and events all year round and accessible to all. No matter what bike you have, what age or gender you are, Midlands Riders is open to everyone and it is this guiding principle that has seen the group go from strength to strength, year on year, to become the Number 1 diverse motorcycle ride out and event group, not just the UK or even Europe but the World!With over 15,000 members from all around the globe, the group hosts ride outs and events for ALL to join in, welcoming solo riders, couples, and pillions (including children) from all walks of life and on any type of ride, including125cc’s, trikes, quads* and big bikes. You can find our events on our website or on social media, but most importantly our ride out and event APP, just search Midlands Riders on Apple and Google play store and download for FREE!

Ride outs

It’s been a long winter (big shout out to all those any-weather riders out there!) but the wait is nearly over! Our first official ride out of 2020 is now only weeks away on the 1st of March and here at team MR we’ve been busy behind the scenes making sure it’ll be our biggest and best one yet.

Group photo – First ride out of the year, February 2019.

We’ve made some changes to the ride outs this year, most notably, for the first few months of the season, we will be meeting and setting off a little later than our past ride outs. This is to make those early morning starts a little less daunting (and a little less nippy!) for riders travelling from further afield making their way to the ride out starting points. We have also added secondary meeting points to cater for those members East of our main meeting point in Shifnal. Make sure you check out the meet and start times and locations which are listed on our Facebook page under events, on our website and on our app.

But don’t worry if you can’t make the first ride out, we’ve got plenty more coming up! A full list of our official ride outs can also be found on the app, the website or Facebook.

When you arrive at a meet point, keep an eye out for the guys and gals wearing yellow armbands, these are team MR members or the ride Marshals. They’re a friendly bunch and love welcoming new members and are happy to answer any questions/concerns you might have about MR or the ride out.

All of our ride outs are lead and run by a team of Marshals, the majority of which have attended recent Biker Down courses as well as First Aid Courses. Their job is to take you along carefully planned routes (on some fantastic roads!) and to get you there safely, making sure you get the most out of the experience. We plan the fuel stops along our routes, so no-one will run out and if a rider breaks down (an unfortunate reality which does occasionally happen) our Marshals are there to help you (we have fair few mechanically minded Marshal’s on the team!) and will stay with you if needed. We also have a recovery service on hand if required.

Sponsors and MR Merchandise

You’ll see many of the groups riders wearing items of MR clothing, and because of this, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘Do I need a hoody to ride with the group?’. The answer to this is no, you don’t need a hoody to ride with us. You will however, need a hoody to claim the discounts offered by our sponsors.

The next most common question is ‘Where can I buy a hoody?!’ All MR Merchandise can be found on our website and via a link on the MR app (see below for further details).

We have a huge list of sponsors, offering members discounts on a variety of things from tyres and servicing, to insurance and legal advice. You can find more information about our sponsors at www.midlandsriders.com/sponsors

In the Headlights

Each month we will be shining the spotlight on a different aspect of MR. This month, ahead of the first ride out, we thought we’d focus on group riding. There can be anything from ten to four hundred plus riders on any of our ride outs, and with that many bikes riding in closer quarters, safety is always paramount. Midlands Riders operates a “staggered riding system “ ; we ask that each rider leave a sensible space between themselves and the rider in front and, in addition to this, ride to the left OR to the right of the rider in front, rather than directly behind. This riding formation allows the rider more time to react should the rider in front suddenly brake or stop. Our Ride Leader will make sure everyone is aware of this on the ride briefing before each and every ride out. Please make sure you’re at the meeting point at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time to hear the briefing in full.

Keep up to date

For more information about the group, our ride outs and upcoming events, download our FREE app from Google Play Store or Apple Store (search Midlands Riders), visit our website at www.midlandsriders.com or follow us on social media; Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat.

*Please check individual event details for 125cc and trike friendly ride outs.

We hope to see you on March the 1st and until then, ride safe and stay shiny side up.

Team MR

Written by Jenna – Team MR

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