Midlands Riders Are Pleased To Announce A Great New Sponsor Thats Looking Out Every Riders Safety! 🏍💨

Fit2Go TPMS Ltd

Michelin TPMS – Bike is a ‘plug & play’ retrofit kit that comes as standard with a magnetic display mount, inductive charger and two sensors, replacing the original valve caps. It brings the same direct TPMS technology already launched for the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets to two-wheels for the first time.

: can detect a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending blowout.

: does not need any programming and features a compact LCD screen which fits into a magnetic mount placed on a prominent part of the bike.

You can Purchase This Kit Online or Over the Phone. 


01543 415823

MR Dont Forget To Use Discount Code : MR19

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