Yes its June & we are already preparing for December! We as a group are fully committed to providing ride outs for the last 7 years for You and others to enjoy and we have always prep’d a year in advance to give everyone time to plan around dates.

This year you will be delighted to know we will be carrying on with the Xmas Toy Run! This year will be our 3rd Annual run & we have even prepared with covid in thought.  This year we will be heading over to Birmingham – We have spoken with the Birmingham Children’s hospital and will be running over there to hand presents a week before xmas and this gives the hospital a week quarantine for the presents to be given out on Christmas Day!
Thanks to Sutton Maddock Vehicle Rental they will be donating their van! so if you bring a present on the morning then you can put it inside the van so you don’t have to do the ride out with the present.
Full details will be live on Facebook In the next couple of months.


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