– REVIEW & Daily Write Up
Emailed To : Legal Team, Marketing Team, Sponsor Rep, Dr Ozan, Germany Manager & Hotel Manager. No Press release is being given at this time.

(First experience is written In notes I can add this later)

*** The second experience ***

“ Welcome Back “ By C Thomson

Well i made it back after had year passed 
because of covid.
(First part is diary form and then I conclude my week / experience in whole.)

Sunday – After a long day I arrived at IZMIR – the problem began because the airport has stopped the drivers coming into where you exit the airport, this meant a crazy part outside and im not going to lie, it worried me being as my phone didn’t work & I couldnt call anyone. I walked down the line to another door and finally found the driver with a clip board and no other big sign that says “ OZAN “ this would benefit people having a panic on finding them. I asked to go sit in the car and this time it was a short walk to the multi-storey and I waited around an hour in the car alone to find only 1 other passenger coming with us. It Skank’ of smoke, the driver must had been smoking before hand and I had to sit on the step outside as I am a none smoker myself.

Arrival at the hotel, we got there and checked in, at first there was an issue with my dietary requirements but it was soon sorted and I grabbed myself some food before unpacking and winding down.
Food: now im unsure what I must come across in Turkey but the language barrier is very bad here, I asked for jacket potato and in the end had to show them a picture of this! 🙁
First thing I did was wipe the place down but to my surprise there Was no dirt on any of my wipes, impressed with the cleaners making sure covid is not a problem! Thanks guys!

Monday – 7am wake up and I was down for breakfast ( note to self don’t drink to much of the Turkish coffee its STRONG! Ha )
the driver came for around 8.10am – there was a chap organising him in the hotel he didn’t actually introduce himself but I gather he was to do with the dentist and the organising or maybe he wasnt? Who knows.
After X-ray and waiting I was asked to walk with a staff member and was being transferred to another clinic for the day ( I took some videos have a look very nice! ) 
OK so from here I have some feedback and for me this is standard but im not picking this is a UK patient /customer coming over to a country he doesn’t know having work done that is BIG work! .. hardly any staff speak English which I have to say is really hard work, I truly think there should be 1 or 2 representatives there 24/7 that can talk English and I meant that because its not only unprofessional, its worrying. I believe when I enter a business and pay the money I have then every step they intend on doing to you should be talked through “ we are going to start by ….. “ this wasn’t done and I was left with the “ what’s going to happen “ – Whilst there I didn’t see any wipe downs or change of gloves when they touched draws, alarming with all this covid going on! But never the less im sure that part can improve.
The language barrier is quite demoralising and whilst people are all up in your mouth you have 2 staff talking away, laughing and joking – again I felt some what concerned it was about me but maybe thats just me. Today was a big job, painful to say the least and im not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt it really did! – multiple injections throughout and one thing I left with was no water from 8am to 3pm – no lunch and that doesn’t just go for me that goes for staff too. I felt very sick and tired when I got out and to make my Monday worse the driver that was supposed to take me back ended up driving off as I got outside! Ha! 
Back to the hotel to find none of my meals I planned a year for with my Celiac disease is included bar breakfast! I am shocked because this hasn’t been stated once in the year I was on the phone nor when I came last time ? Maybe things changed but this is a big let down whilst over in another country no Lira’ for spends but to speak to the german WhatsApp manager on how can I order food if I wasn’t told ? Why arrange my special foods but then not say they are chargeable ? Why not speak about it and I could have just brought a complete week with me and not bothered. Luckily I had my only teeth removed today and temps put in so I actually cant eat a fat lot which I suppose benefits me but leaves me worried with food for the rest fo the week.
its a afternoon / evening in now, chill down, pain killers and antibiotics ready for another day tomorrow – another day which I don’t actually know what’s happening but I hope its better than today! 🙂


I woke up not knowing what time id be collected or what was going to be done today, i do believe this is a huge error in business, customers/patients need to know a schedule and like to plan ahead.

I actually over heard some people stating this, i was surprised that how my views were also the same as these. It goes to show that this is something that needs to be sorted going forward.

I actually text to find out & had a time of 2pm, 10 minutes later they changed & was sending a driver over now’ (11am)

Lets hope today is better.

We arrived & was left to find the dentist which last time on our first trip the driver brought us in ( much better )

This time i was moved to 1st floor & offered water / food ( much better ) with the one guy that knew good english took names & explained he would let each dentist know ( much better ) however that was spoilt by standing around for 3 hours 🙁 
I met Dr ozan today, I must mention that he seemed fine at the start but more agitated as we went on with people in and out of the room – at one point It felt like he was being forceful / more stressed and the young lad dr I believe his name is berke – came in to take over the last part whilst he went into the back room. Now look I don’t know what went on I don’t speak Turkish – but I will say this, im a public figure, I speak to thousands of people online and in person- we have media crews follow us on ride outs and the racing scene imagine if I showed my stress level ? I do think composure is key here stress or no stress I think the customer/patient is paying for the service that they could get at another dentist, you want it to be a pleasurable experience and them to promote you when they’re home. 
Actually I heard a lady mention she was approached to be an ambassador for the dentist ? Strange ive never been asked being as I carry with me a huge online presence and am trusted in the biking world by thousands of people. Yes I have tattoos but in 2021 thats all a thing, I have been a great role model for many people and iam a father, to a 12 year old full time multitasking work, home life and other things I think I do this very well. I was voted for a Hero award in 2017 by MCN News Paper & Carole Nash Insurance. I am a Parent Governor on the school board – a fully vetted and trusted person! 

anyway back to my review : so the day was easier than Monday! – today we just took some more impressions and I also had better teeth fitted so I could eat better things! After talking with the one lad there who remembered me from last time ( great English ) – Dr Berke he reassured me about the procedure and also about the next stages ( which is just what we need ) – today I feel much better knowing what’s happening and best of all getting my teeth 100%! 


Another day closer to my perfect teeth and im looking forward to the next few days! – ive waited many many years for this and finally here! 
its 9:20 am here and I think they mentioned going back in today around the afternoon so im going to set out some work stuff this morning and wait for the text to go over! Fingers crossed its as good as Tuesday !

Well today is another error day! .. so let me break this down
ive been talking with the german manager for nearly a year now, we discussed prices for pcr test flying home, he told me 250L – which I personally got out from travel store. To my surprise today ive found out the hotel do the pcr and not the dentist and the price is 400L ,… so tell me when you come abroad and was told how much to take with you, tell me how then with prices changing someone can be expected to find the extra money ? Unless of course we got to an ATM and take out – being charged 2.75% on that too. Now if the manager had said to me “ it ranges from around 250 – 500” I would of got 500 and it wouldnt of been a problem but to be left in a country with only “ well the price changes “ WELL TELL THE PAYING CUSTOMER .. madness! ,my stress level has been through the roof this whole trip because of complete unprofessionalism!

Its 2:20 pm ive just gone down for lunch – I still havent been taken to the dentist today! … to my surprise I had to speak with 3 different staff just to get my own pasta cooked 🙁 .. the language barrier is awful – a real put off for travellers that dont speak Turkish! – I asked for grated cheese for the pasta which I got some 3 slice slab cheese ( dont know what it was ) the manager came and I told him the same as the cheese I was given with my jacket potato an they still didnt sort In the end ive came back to my roof with cold pasta to go calm down.
Well its 15:30 and my time was to go to the dentist was 2pm. Im now told its going to be 5pm. Ive been in this hotel room all day and starting to feel a little stress anxiety and think im going to head out for walk. Mid week review – NOT GOOD.

So 5pm came, Again I had to text the whatsapp chat on what was going on,
iam now told its moved to 7pm. So 2pm to 5pm to 7pm – all day I have been in my room, I could have gone out all day for fresh air but because we need WIFI you have to stay inside. Unfortunately due to different EU with UK restrictions calls and texts arent included in any international countrys – so this means If someone calls me and I answer the connection fee is £1.20 and then £1.20 per minute! Tired and confused I have now cancelled my Manager & the team to fly over ( which they were to fly out friday to meet me ) and film at the Hotel & Dentist but I do not feel that this is worth my time or money nor do I feel as tho I have been treated respectfully enough to advertise someone else to make money.
I thought the german manager was acting strange this week, he started off Monday by saying he wasnt very well – with a cold – its now Wednesday and his answers were “ mate I have cornoa, I have no power to read everything in detail “ I dont wish corona on anyone but even so this is unacceptable, the management must then appoint / pass on details to someone else who is going to look after “ customers / patients “ but this didnt happen. Im starting to feel like this is a complete holiday from hell! Although I wouldnt say this was a holiday so lets say “ going abroad from hell “

So ..,. my manager has called me, after hearing me cancel the plans for friday to film here she sent a message to the manager and Dr Ozan basically saying she cancelled her flights and the team arent coming over Friday. We have the screen shot of the conversation but the message was clear and polite however this was Dr Ozans ( if this was him ) Reply and when I say reply I mean one after the other :

“ Hello I m dr ozan “
“ We start monday and will finish tomorrow “
“ do you thing this is something easy “
“ I dont like this behaviour “
“ All implants are very succesful and he will get very beautiful teeth “
“ I m disapointed with tour behaviorwhile waiting thanks “
“ I hope your negative behaviour will not cause me to lose motivation “

Well ….. whats gone on there I do not know ? But I cannot believe nor can my manager believe what we are reading! … does that last part mean or imply he will not work on my teeth ? My management are completely stumped Im unsure what to say or do hear but Im going to make way to the clinic now myself If I have too!.

So I headed over to them, we sat down and found the communication break down is the reason why that text was sent and in actual fact the complaints were more to the german manager, hotel and drivers than the dentist, to which Dr Ozan was shocked to hear about some of the things I had to point out – so after a good hour we shook hands and moved on.
Today I saw my teeth for the first time, they looked good and I know tomorrow is the final day! Because of being earlier ive actually changed my flight and going home tomorrow and not saturday!



Its the morning, I know I have PCR booked at 12 noon and then I assume in the afternoon my final teeth fitting! They mentioned yesterday that they had never had such a smooth turn around in 3 short days and there were always some sort of complications / adjustments but with mine it was plain sailing! Which for once its great to hear that its not a problem with me ! Ha !

So I ended up getting my PCR at 9am! Which I was a little disappointed that it was an old school type of test ( mouth and nose ) – where as the new tests are just nose. Infact knowing this now and the price change I could of just brought a Randex test over myself and then taken my own test and used the app and not bothered getting Lira out.

I was text from no:2 whatsapp number ( ill explain no1 and no2 numbers below ) saying it would be around 2pm but unfortunately as got closer to 2pm I was then text stating it would be around 7pm like Wednesday, this is all due to the lab. We got to around 6/6.30pm and id had enough of the 4 walls of the hotel room giving me anxiety and I politely asked to wait at the surgery instead which this happened and a driver came to get me. Around 9pm my teeth turned up from the lab which is fair enough but one thing I didnt like was the guy in the white shirt with glasses and his attitude started to drop to which I can guess it was because it was time to go home. Feeling paranoid I was to be left I asked who is in the building as staff were leaving, I was told by 3 different people Dr Ozan was next door, another down stairs and the other he had left. In actual fact he was there but one little thing I found that he didnt actually finish my teeth, infact I saw Dr Ozan 3 times on this trip, once was with the implant screw error and then also the wednesday in the meeting / first trial and then Thursday when he came in and then back into his office shouting down the phone at someone. He came back in to check the one dentists work “ dt berke polat “ – It was infact this young 20 year old doctor who fitted my new teeth. I was shocked because Dr Ozan was meant too ? The dentist, the social media pages etc is called “ Dr Ozan “

but yet “ Dr Berke “ actually did my teeth ?

Once he had finished the fitting and I then learnt the promised “ for life “ teeth now has a 10-15 year expiry depending on use. I was told 2 years ago when getting quotes these would last my life time but then once done/fitted this was not the answer ? I never was asked to have photos, videos or any thing like you see on social media and I more to the point I was told 4 days was a mega rush and maybe this is why I wasnt asked for any of this and the fact it was 9.30pm at the point everyone just wanted to go home.

To Be honest with you and this is honest as im writing this, if it wasnt for Dr Berke Polat id of flown home! .. he is the ONLY reason I stayed and put up with the amateur experience I got and he is the sort of doctor you want in the surgery, great english, has time for you, polite and most of all in a different country put me at ease in times id of just walked away and gone else where. QUDOS to Dr Berke Polat

Home time thank god !

Diary Finished.

Please see the Conclusion starting page 7 below >

MAIN Conclusion:

Drivers :

On the arrival I found the driver had been smoking in the car it absolutely STANK! Im not a smoker & had to sit outside the car to not feel sick.
Last time the drivers came inside the hotel & seem to know what they were doing and took you to the Dentist, When parked they would take you into the dentist and in the lift but this time round we got drivers walking in the hotel, didnt really understand and had another guy reading a list of names ( this guy with glasses still didnt announce who he was )
when arriving at the Dentist they simply came outside and opened the door for you to find your own way, press buzzers you can barely read an then guess what floor the dentist was on. Luckily I had watched the 2nd floor be pressed before but imagine someone new or someone else whos not been watching ?
Also personally I dont agree with drivers calling on their phones, over in the uk its illegal. If your calling use bluetooth rather than to your hand and head it doesnt look good whilst a driver is on the phone and beeps their car whilst missing another car.
I believe drivers should all be wearing the Ozan brand like a t shirts with the logo on – this would also help show whos who at the airport, lobby and show more professionalism

Turn the HEAT DOWNNNNN… these drivers always have the heating on, every journey people were taking the coats off and 9/10 asking to turn the heat down !

Dentist :
Other than again the language barrier and staff talking over you in another Language, laughing and joking I cant help but praise them on efforts with just how many patients they are seeing /sorting . Yagmur was the first one I met that helped you, spoke good english and was happy face to be around and this time there is a young male guy In white shirt he had been there just 2 weeks, his english was ok & understood most of what I said / felt – I believe he is the new Yagmur.
There is one dentist young guy who I met last time, he remembered me and helped Dr Ozan finish my temps on Tuesday ( dr berke polat ). He is the sort you need, great communication, great polite attitude and he actually made me feel better whilst I was there.
I must add tho I did see multiple times staff with gloves on opening draws and then not gelling or just changing the gloves – if it were my business I would encourage a clean, safe environment each and every time.
Having met Dr Ozan only a handful of times, which of course the first ever time saw me leave the room trying to book my flight home because the German manager had given me a price that was thousands of pounds out I was then changed to a lower price and accepted. I do believe he is defiantly over ran, they work all day and I was there wednesday 8.30/9pm and that is defiantly a long day to be working / running 2 clinics.

I saw Dr Ozan on the monday because the one lady dentist who did my work couldnt get a bar in my implant and I could feel/see she was getting stressed about it to which she called Dr Ozan, his language skills are much better. He promptly fixed the issue within 30 seconds ( I was for a moment worried )

Tuesday I saw Dr Ozan again and at first he was very nice and polite but I felt that after a few times staff had came into the clinic and they were talking very loudly, at a guess there were problems – I could then sense / feel a problem, a sort of tense annoyance, not with myself but with the situation and he then began to be quicker and changed to this young male staff ( dr berke ) and Dr Ozan retired into his office ( for an unknown reason ). I do believe the product / business model Dr Ozan gives is actually a great one! I think if this were over the UK you could make a serious impact but if this was in the UK you couldnt get away with all that they do over in Turkey.
Wednesday was a really poor day, being spoken to differently and also my manager, after the meeting things were sorted however to my surprise Dr Ozan didnt actually fit / do my teeth .. maybe my face didnt fit ? Or maybe me saying I was going home and the problems with the hotel / drivers / dentist lab he didnt want to treat me .. who knows all I know is that I feel as tho ive been sold a dream & then asked to pay for it over again.

Dr Berke Polat:
This is a guy that I remembered on my first visit who was professional, polite and a happy face.
The second trip this Dr is the ONLY’ reason I stayed in Turkey, after Wednesday I was set to leave, cancel my treatment and attend another dentist because no paying customer / patient wants to be treated how I did & if it wasnt for Dr Berke’ id of left .. fact. I believe this dentist is one that will take the dentist industry to further years with happier customers/patients – I believe he will be the next dr ozan, probably end up having his own practise at some point in his career and I wish him all the best in the world – he should be fully recognised and respected his patient care / professionalism / speech and general attitude towards people being in another country trusting people with their mouths and lifes to say is the very pinnacle to what I class as “ care “ and “ professionalism “ I do hope this dentist has a bright future! Thanks Berke!

Hotel :
In My first experience I think I stayed on the 2nd floor and had a very noisy room next door which I think were staff. Shouting, Loud & unpleasant but this time I was put away from anyone! THANK YOU because this is what I want quite and peaceful. This time I was on floor 4.
Although my room was clean, One thing that concerned me at the hotel that whilst I was sat down stairs, none of the staff actually wore a mask, they hovered it over the chin. Some staff were coughing and not then gelling their hands but yet handing customers plates. The next one was someone left the table and the staff member didn’t clean up with any antibacterial wipes / spray ? I thought Turkey would be mega clean as they show photos In the lifts people in suits spraying the room which during my stay not once did I see this ( for a week ).
On Wednesday I got in the lift and all the lights turned out and it stopped, my worse fear had started and I sounded the alarm ( I took a quick video )
fortunately it started within seconds and I got back to the door opening> From then on I used the stairs! – I noticed on Wednesday another power cut to my room and figured thats probably what happened earlier in the lift. There were diggers up the road so maybe this is the case.
The manager however did his best in all the situations, I spoke to him everyday because there were issues everyday and I wont lie without him and 2 other staff members helping me I probably would have left the hotel and gone elsewhere. It was generally nice to meet this guy but im unsure if someone with dietary requirements are suited for the hotel or staff at this time.

The language barrier is probably the worst thing about this for people that use English as an only’ language I do not recommend staying in a hotel that cant speak and understand your requirements, remember without us customers the hotel wouldnt be able to run because simply no one would stay.

Whatsapp Staff :
So you get 2 numbers or I did – well infact I think there were 3 to start but this second time only. 1) The main german manager 2) transfers person who messaged about the transfers etc and 3) was Yagmur < a credit to the business. Where as this time round there is only 2. 1 and 2 we all know 1 is the german manager but maybe 2 is a person at the clinic.

So lets start with 2) the transfers person, now they did help me, there phone seemed to be on most of the time & even tho I was told “ its not their fault “ when prices had changed its not professional enough for me when spending £6000 – 7500 on treatments / travel – I mean this trip cost not only having to call the UK at £2 per minute but for business meetings taken via online interview or email I lost money whilst being here, I dont think the staff realise that each and every customer that comes are the one thats keeping the business going. We pay the bills and each person that gets work done is trusting for a 1st class service. But look I mean this person who ever it was seemed ok and im glad they could help at times when errors were bar the problem on wednesday.

Moving on to no:1 the main manager.
Well look I mean we spoken for nearly 2 years! .. I know the first part was a problem with prices but when I was actually in Turkey they just kept getting worse. I feel that because I was actually there they could be / act however they liked.

So ive briefly mentioned on how I was left to get more money out for PCR which I could have saved myself money and brought my own PCR here to fly back ( something I would fully recommend publicly ) – it was basically a shunt’ that “ its a hotel service not theirs so that that “ NO its not! YOU provide this service, you quote it and if that is the main case then I fully expect going forward instead of them saying “ we can sort PCR to fly home “ I suggest they say “ the hotel can provide this – its between 180 L ( in clinic I asked ) or up to 400-500 L for them to come to the hotel So People KNOW.
Im not short of money, but I dont accept that hidden things arise when you get to a place that should be looking after you. I dont accept that I have to just keep paying and paying and paying because things “ change “ you show / mention how its a package, how its all taken care of but in reality its just mumble jumble and half hearted.

After 1 day here I was told he wasnt in the Country and he was poorly, over the series of days his phone was on and off and the only communication I got was mainly with No:2 the transfer number. In actual fact I still didnt hear from this guy even when I got back HOME! Whilst we talking about poor communication, misleading messages I was basically blanked as a result, this leaves a person very upset when they are in another country trusting someone with not only thousands of pounds of their money but their mouth, teeth and wellbeing.
I actually sat in my hotel room ALL day, was told 2pm is my schedule, granted it can change but im not told ( because I asked at 3pm ) its not changed to 5pm ! Im not sure whether this is a busy schedule or a tactic to lengthen the stay. How you can expect someone to literally sit in a hotel room ALL day is beyond me, if they had different hotels where you could walk around, go swim or do gym I mean that would defiantly better the experience BUT I do remember a whatsapp conversation with no:1 after I asked how much is the hotel room stay in the price so I can look at a hotel that caters for my diet and has gym with maybe better english speakers – I was told when I wanted to do this that they pay cheap prices for the rooms and I guess this is why its how it is for Monetary purposes only. So in essence if I wanted to change hotels id have to just book my own and the “ package deal “ you get is none existent.

In my opinion – I think that you get 60% of what is mentioned the 40% left is up to god knows who. Im unsure I would recommend any family or friends because my experience has only been negative and if I were to send them over for treatment I think id tell them go to Dr Ozan themselves or probably even ask for Dr Berke Polat , pay for their own flight, Own hotel and Dr Ozan Direct and not through the german management.

Before I left I spoke with the german manager ( no:1 ) – I still have the complete chat log from day 1 to now. I told him how even tho businesses, flashing racing and public figure may appeal I explained who behind all that im a normal everyday guy. My daughter is 12 she lives with me alone Full time, there are not many full time dads – her mom isnt around at all. I told him that I dont care about the public part all I want to be is looked after. I mean that as in have a good experience not a bad one, to this I said I would do my up most to promote, become a talking figure on social media etc it would be added to our app, website and promoted so that when people ask me I can help them having experience this. Unfortunately this experience has been a negative one ( other than the fact I got my smile and Dr Ozans Team can’ work very well and like I said if I was to recommend id tell them to do it privately via their own channels ) – I finally got an answer from the german manager who told me “ mate I have corona I dont read in detail “ so Im left in a country with no manager powers to help and facilitate me a a customer I find this very VERY unprofessional!

I have decided as the owner and founder of the motorcycle group to remove the profile I paid for to have put up on the mobile APP and also the online posters and website. I also have declined any video or media entry to which I was going to pay for a team to fly over friday and film & then stay over and travel back with me saturday. I have told them ( Wednesday ) not to come. So for me I cannot recommend or publicly promote.
As for the racing stage which is currently closed and will re open in 2022/23 I do not wish to promote via that platform either im afraid.

All this is the attitude of the german manager, being left in another country and having hardly any communication is really poor, I feel this side of the business is really let down. Even tho I didnt hear from this guy unless I messaged his poor attitude let down the whole experience, its almost like they speak to you whilst your home, whatsapp you anytime but then when your here he literally ignored me, didnt pass me to any other management just turned his phone on and off as he pleased and this is the reason my trust and relationship started to deteriorate – poor communication and poor manners, I would not have him as a business manager for me.

The guy in the white shirt, I found a little bit of arrogance from him towards the end, I felt like he has had enough of my questions and anxiety and didnt understand my feelings / views. He kept calling women “ Darling “ in the UK thats quite rude, you would address a lady by “ Miss, Madam “ etc not “ Hey Darling “ – I think this guys 2 week there and his role was to take over what yagmur was doing but unfortunately he lost my faith in him with his attitude.

That all being said I will happily point out ways to improve and help get he best out of this situation should anyone want to know, Please see below

– First & Foremost – Teach basic English ( use Duolingo ITS FREE )

– Staff wearing mask’s whilst still in an epidemic
– Staff Gelling Hands Often & seen doing so in the restaurant
– Open the spa back up or replace with a Gym
– Better Wifi ( your cant stream )

– TV – No english ? Even tho you can change the language on the settings it doesnt change the program even on english films etc or at least use smart tv’s you can mirror phones to them and watch from your phone to the tv.


– Staff workwear
– No Driving whilst on the phone – over in the Uk you can get sent to jail for that and its not great you dont feel safe at all.

– No Smoking! Its Vile
– Better English / Attitude

– Better English Staff ( use Duolingo )
– I dont personally like that your lay in a chair and the staff talk another language over you laughing and joking and your felt like they are talking about you.
– I think giving patients a treatment plan whether it changes or not is good to know for example : when a patient arrives on the first day “ Today we will do this this and this “ .. the next day “ Today we will do this and this “ ETC where as most of the time unless you ask you dont know
– To see staff gelling hands more and changing gloves often.
– Upgrade and give Dr Berke Polat more time, respect and he will be the new face in years to come! .. I believe that

WHATSAPP: ( mainly pointed at no:1 german manager )
– when a patient arrives on the first day or its goes to the next day I believe they need to know “ Today sir we will do this this and this “ .. the next day “ Today sir we will do this and this “ ETC – where as most of the time unless you ask you dont know. I really feel that you should roughly know what time your getting picked up regardless of changes ( like today wednesday 2pm to 5pm ) if I had known it was 2pm id of gone out this morning.
– Better understanding of patient care and being alone in another country.
– being told one things whilst in the UK like prices, then you get here and its different isnt good at all, I dont believe in this and I think the german manager has a slight belief he can get away with this not being there etc. this wont last long if this keeps happening
– If a staff member like the german manager is ill for instance then he should appoint a new number or another staff member so that the patients can contact them instead whilst they are ill, not turn there phones off and ignore you, this was a really bad situation / problem

Friday Leaving : Reflection : ( typing at the airport )
In reflect I wish I could have gone back and started again, I think personally this whole team cant deal with the whole allergies, short stays and paranoid patients in different countries worried they wont get what they are asking for.

I wish I had spoken to other dentists in the area ( because there are quite a few others ) – I wish I had been treated better and made my experience better. Finding out After 2 years £7000+ later and a whirlwind of problems they are ONLY set to last 10-15 years is shocking ! ( the teeth themselves that is – I was told the implants will last a life time ) Im 34 … I have another 30-40 + years ahead of me and it upsets me I will have to later on in life re do some’ of this work – I do hope Doctor Berke is around because I would not hesitate to fly him to the UK and have him do my teeth, properly & professionally.

I do wish the dentist the best of futures and im sorry that at times my views wasnt the same as theirs & hope many other happy people and I am just in the lower % of people that wasnt “ as “ happy as the main one’s.

C Thomson
– – – – – – – – – – –
Chris Thomson Racing In Association With:
Midlands Riders



Thursday 2nd December:

Teeth are moving already less than a week in. Pretty gutted that not a week in i feel movement on the whole front row, i did whatsapp but was told its probably cement movement – my teeth can rock back & forth i can only estimate but i fear in a month or so these coming out. I shall update later on but so disappointed its an understatement!
– Food & bits  get stuck inbetween the teeth / bars & you make a big effort all day to get this unstuck / bits removed its worse than dentures at the moment.

constant headaches since getting back! Everyday all day I’m hoping its just my head adjusting to all the work! 


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