Ruroc is a UK-based brand with a mission is to help save lives and enable people to live their passion and find their freedom. Helmets allow us to do more of what we love. They enable us to tackle mountains, explore roads, live our passions, and find our freedom. What started with a near-death experience in the snow-covered mountains of Canada, led to the start of a crusade. A crusade to save lives through constructing the best helmets imaginable. Now, Ruroc is the fastest-growing helmet brand in the world. And they’re just getting started. Keeping their riders safe is what they do. Ruroc’s guiding philosophy is “If we won’t ride with it, we won’t sell it” It’s at the core of every helmet they design. Ruroc develops, test, and repeat this process until they have reached the highest possible standards. They take this duty to their riders very seriously. Ruroc has fully developed in-house testing facilities and tests their Moto helmets against the most rigorous European and US safety certifications. Safety is their business. They also quoted “Ruroc is nothing without its community. The community is what makes us question, innovate and develop. It’s what motivates us and makes us thrive. Our online communities are our strongest asset. We get to talk with riders, understand their needs and develop kick-ass products just for them. It’s like a clubhouse for friends, and we work hard to keep it that way. In 2021, we are building our community offline. Shows, Exhibitions and Meet-ups; we will be going the extra mile to get to know you”. For more information visit their website here –