Sunday 27th February 2022 – over 150+ Riders turned up to start the riding season off! What a great day it was too! The sun was shining, the roads were dry & all we had was a little bit of coldness to add to the 60 mile ride to the cafe. 
This year we headed to ex vet cafe / gym HR4K in hereford where Ben the owner opened up for us on this beautiful sunday. 

A big thank you to Ben & his team as well as thr ride marshals and everyone that came out to enjoy.


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First Group Ride Out 2022
Sunday 27th February 2022

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Sunday 13th March 2022
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Sunday 24th April 2022
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Sunday 22nd May 2022
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Sunday 19th June 2022
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Family / Pilly Ride Out 2022
Sunday 3rd July 2022
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Big Mile Ride Out 2022
Sunday 31st July 2022
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Cafe Ride Out 2022
Sunday 28th August 2022
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Ride Out 2022
Sunday 25th September 2022
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Matlock Ride Out 2022
Sunday 23rd October 2022
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Xmas Toy Run TBC 2022
Saturday 17th December 2022
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